As part of continuous product improvement MINI Group may provide ongoing updates to your vehicle, at a convenient time such as during regular servicing. In addition, Vehicle Safety Recalls are important checks or updates that require prompt attention to ensure the highest level of safety.

Safety is our primary concern, and in the case that your vehicle is affected by a Safety Recall, either MINI Group New Zealand or a member of the MINI authorised dealer network will inform you of the issue and steps to have the recall carried out.

If you have any concerns on the continued operation of your vehicle or have any further questions about safety recalls affecting your MINI, please contact your preferred authorised MINI dealer.

To check if your vehicle is currently involved in one of these recalls, please use the tool below.


Q: Where do I find my 17 digit VIN number?

A: The 17 digit VIN number can be found on the lower passenger side of the vehicle windscreen, visible from the outside of the vehicle. It is also included on the registration document of the vehicle.

Q: Who pays for the repair?

A: MINI covers the cost of any technical campaigns and safety recalls.

Steps to register for all recalls.

Please book your recall directly with your local dealer using our Service Online booking tool by following the below steps.

  1. Click register and insert your details. You will be sent a registration confirmation email.
  2. Go to the registration email in your inbox and confirm your registration.
  3. Once you have confirmed your registration, please log into the Service Online portal below.
  4. Once logged in enter your vehicle details.
  5. Click next to go to bookings.
  6. Select recall and enter any notes on your letter click next and confirm.