To celebrate our ten-year partnership with Stolen Girlfriends Club we gave Marc Moore (one of the founders) the new MINI Countryman for a weekend adventure. We caught up with him afterwards to chat about life, surfing and Stolen Girlfriends Club.

> What do you enjoy most about driving the MINI Countryman?

There are two things I love about this car. I love how it looks, what can I say? I’m all about aesthetic! It’s like this hybrid car/SUV. My favourite part is the front - so aggressive and tough looking!

And I love how it feels. It drives so nicely, hugs the road, goes super fast and feels safe. It’s perfect for someone like me who is cruising around the city a lot but also shooting out to the beach as well.

> How did the ten-year partnership between our brands kick off and why did it appeal?

MINI really wanted to get involved with fashion - it was around June/July 2007 when we started to chat. They really liked what we were doing and we loved their products, so the match was perfect. Fashion Week was approaching and MINI wanted us to be a part of it, so they came on board as our major presenting sponsor.

To me MINI is quite a rebellious brand - especially in the car industry. It’s a passionate sophisticated brand that is not afraid to do things differently and I like that. That resonates with me and our brand. They’re always pushing to inspire, engage and entertain - much like Stolen Girlfriends Club. And, because there’s a great synergy between our brands it means we can have a lot of fun when we work together on collaborative projects.

> Speaking of having fun, how did you get into surfing and what made it such a passion?

My mum moved me from Auckland to Raglan when I was really little. I was this little nerdy kid who wore stubbies and pulled his socks right up - like FULL NERD spec! The first kid that befriended me was this cool guy called Freddy, he was really into surfing and probably was one of the best young surfers of that time. He kind of took me under his wing and taught me how to surf. I got so addicted to surfing so quickly! Before long we would be spending all school holidays at the beach from dawn to dusk, rain or shine. We would hitchhike to the beach with our packed lunch and just camp out the whole day and surf around 4-5 times.

> What would you say have been highlights of your surfing career?

When I was surfing full time in my younger days. I remember making my first national contest final and placing 4th. It was such a buzz to make the final four in such a big event. I went on to make more finals after that but that first final was always such a highlight. I just recently won the NZ Surfing Nationals in the masters division (Over 40’s), this was a huge achievement for me and such a good buzz. Throughout my surfing career I’d only ever had 2nds/3rds/4ths as my best results, so to finally get a win in my 40’s at a national level was a great feeling!

> How do you prepare yourself for a competition?

When I was full time and getting good results I was training so hard! Surfing is my form of exercise now and I’m not competing as much as I used to. I recently competed in the nationals because they have divisions suited to older surfers - always good when you don’t have to compete against the young guns all the time. I literally decided to enter that contest two days before it started. I think because of the fact it was all so last minute and I hadn’t prepped for it, meant I was really relaxed about the whole thing and probably not expecting a great result. In some weird way I think the waves tend to cooperate more with someone who is relaxed and going with the flow.

> With your passion for surfing and your role as founder and creative head of the Stolen Girlfriends Club, do you find time for any other obsession?

I love to DJ which I guess is my other hobby. I’ve played so many different parties in my life, from friend’s houses, to full clubs, and festivals like Rhythm & Vines, and after-parties for international bands.

I guess I have a good musical ear - that’s what people tell me so I’ll go with it. I really enjoy selecting music and having that ability to move people physically. I just played the after-party for the Rip Curl pro contest down in Raglan last weekend which was awesome! So good to play music in the town I grew up in, for the brand that helps me with surfing (Rip Curl).

> What does the future hold for you?

I don’t have plans for world domination but I’m definitely starting to think more about growing our brand overseas - so I can travel more for work haha. The last 12 months for me have been about developing a foundation I guess, within my life personally and with our company too. The words discipline and admin pop in to mind haha!!! I have an overwhelming hunger to travel again so that’s definitely going to be happening more and more for me which is great - for both work and pleasure (usually the two are combined). I still think I can improve my surfing - even at the age of 41!! I definitely can see myself winning more national titles.